How to use this website
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Preliminary information

This website hosts a system intended to:
(a)  assist the Italian embassy’s public in preparing accurate and complete legalisation applications and
(b)  produce a clearance code that enables users to obtain an appointment with the Italian embassy where the actual filing of their application will take place.
Note: filing of the legalisation application does not occur on line. It is done by the user at the embassy on the day of the appointment.

By providing information on yourself and on the documents you wish to legalise you certify that these are accurate and complete. Once the system establishes that this is the case you are ready to present your legalisation application. The website will issue you with a code. Email the code to to obtain your appointment at the embassy.

Use of this system is free of charge. users who so prefer can opt to ask for the assistance of vfs which is provided in exchange for service fees.

It is impossible for any member of the public to obtain a legalisation appointment with the embassy without going through the present online procedure (free) or through vfs website (subject to vfs service charges).


Step 1 and Step 2 of this procedure require general information on the user and on any power of attorney (delega) they may hold. This webpage provides a reference table showing an exhaustive list of administrative procedures. Users are expected to first identify the procedure they wish to initiate. Each procedure requires the legalization of a number of documents that are listed in the right column of the table. Once users locate on the table the administrative acts they need to have legalised they should tick the relevant boxes on Step 3 Upon ticking the system will supply a series of screens intended to verify that the users’ documents are both accurate and complete in view of the procedure that the user wishes to initiate. In order to do this, users will have to complete the screens with the data available in the documents in their possession or answer YES where this option is available. Once all screens are complete users can press the ‘submit’ button on Step 12 The system will generate a report and the code which the user will email to The digital code finds itself in the upper right corner of the report (tracking number). In response, the Embassy of Italy will provide a date and time for the filing of the legalization application.

The applicant will come to the Embassy on the agreed date and time and bring:legalisation application form (Click to Dowload Form) filled in all its parts; submission report issued by this software; in case the person who comes to the Embassy is acting on behalf of someone else they must also bring a valid power of attorney. (Click to Dowload Form)

By way of example, suppose you want to register your marriage in Italy. After filling the general information on the applicant and on any power of attorney you may hold you go to the reference table on page Marriage Registration Marriage registration appears in the left column, first row. The right column tells you that, in order to register a marriage you must legalise: Nikkah Nama, Marriage Registration Certificate and Family Registration Certificate. Once you’ve checked that all three documents are with you, you go to page Step 3 and tick the three boxes relevant to them. On clicking ‘next’ the system will direct you to three screens where you find questions regarding the same three documents. Be aware that in order for the appointment code to be issued you must be in a condition to reply by ‘YES’ to all questions featuring this option. You answer all questions and, on the last screen, you click on ‘submit’. The system will generate a report and the code which the user will email to The digital code finds itself in the upper right corner of the report (tracking number). In response, the Embassy of Italy will provide a date and time for the filing of the legalization application.


  • Users are advised to bring the submission report print-out along with themselves on their visit to the embassy. Users not carrying the report print out will not be admitted to the embassy’s premises and will have to apply for a new appointment.
  • Use of a wrong or forged code, the submission of any wrong details or incomplete forms as well as of incomplete documentation will cause the application to be rejected at front office. In this case the embassy will require that the process be re-initiated from the beginning.
  • The embassy declines all responsibility for any time or financial loss resulting from the process having to be restarted for the user’s own fault.
  • Deliberate attempts at tampering with the system by feeding manipulated information may result in criminal prosecution both in Pakistan and in Italy.


Applicants are advised to choose any procedures of their interest from the list below.>




1-Nikkah Nama / Act of Marriage

  • All columns should be filled in properly.
  • In Column no. 3 and 6, age of the spouse should be written in format – day/month/year.
  • Column no.21 MUST be filled in with correct answer.
  • If any correction is needed, it should be done solely by Nikkah Registrar or Union Council Official with their stamp, signatures, date of correction, telephone number and CNIC number.

2-Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC): Issued by NADRA.

3-Family Registration Certificate (FRC) : Issued by NADRA


DIVORCEE – If the status of the spouse / spouses is DIVORCED, the applicant must provide Divorce Registration Certificate (NADRA) along with Proceedings (3 Notices of divorce in original and proceedings from Arbitration Council/ Court and Decree ) and Divorce effective certificate duly signed by the Issuing authority (Union Council or Court), or sentence must be presented by law in its complete form and not by summary.


– If the status of the groom or the bride is WIDOW / WIDOWER, the applicant must provide Original Death Certificate
  1. Act of Birth/ True copy from the Official Birth Register
    Note:Issued by the Office of the concerned Union Council. All details must be clear and readable.
  2. Birth Registration Certificate (BC NADRA)

    Note:Parents ID card numbers must be mentioned in the Birth Certificate. In case of married womens, Birth Certificate should always be issued with father’s name (never with husband’s name). In case of a parent who passed away (deceased), applicant should provide a copy of death certificate issued by NADRA.


Death Certificate - ID Card number of the deceased person and his/her parents should be mentioned in the death certificate.


Police Character - Police character should be valid at least for 4 months at the time of submission of the document.

NOTE: FOR CITIZENSHIP, Act of birth should be provided together with the Police Character certificate and Birth Certificate.





  • Affidavit / Power of Attorney must be attested by the Notary Public or “Delega” (Click to Dowload Form) signed in Italy by the applicant (Next of kin only can present the documents and for Pakistani Citizen the signature on “Delega” (Click to Dowload Form) must be recognized by the “Comune” – Italian Municipality.)
  • Union Council Letter In case of manually issued certificates/acts of civil status, it is mandatory to attach a declaration from the Secretary of Union Council duly attested with the stamp, signature and date.
  • All documents must be original and recently attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • All documents should be translated into Italian language by one of the translators known by the Embassy of Italy in Pakistan.See attached list
  • Applicant should provide copy of supporting documents: i.e. copy of valid passport in possession, copy of identity card (Pakistani and Italian), copy of residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) etc.
  • An authorized person should present Affidavit or “Delega” in original, also in case of refund of fee except for counterfeit requests, along with the copy of the passport/identity card of the authorizing person and the authorized person.
  • Documents with incorrect or incomplete information will not be acceptable: i.e. Name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, ID Card Number should match in all documents and with the valid passport in possession.
  • Marriage Registration dates should match in Nikkah Nama, MRC etc.

Please go to Step 1 and Step 2 to provide registration information. Then to Step 3 to choose the documents you need to produce for the procedure of your interest.